Aiding and Abetting: (Synonyms; Help, Assist, Abet, Hide, Be an accomplice in, Protect, etc.) to help a fugitive in any matter is a crime; you could face charges for that.

Arrest: Occurs when a person is taken to jail by law enforcement officers.

Bail: Is the amount of money required by the court, guaranteeing to a person who has been charged with a crime to get out from jail, in the understanding that this person must appear at court any time the court requires.

Bail Bond Amount: This is the Amount of Money required by the court based on the crimes committed.

Bond Premium: It’s the service fee that we charge you to place a bond (this is only a portion of the total bond).

Bond Revocation: It is when a person who has been bonded out of jail violates the conditions of the bond contract or commits a new crime. This action could result in the cancellation of the bond contract and the offender may be arrested.

Bounty Hunter: One or more persons that chase fugitives for a reward.

Collateral: It is something of value that is used to secure the bond. The most common collateral used is cash, vehicles, real state, etc.

Defendant: The person who has been accused of committing a crime and is required to go to court.

Failure to appear: This is a criminal charge imposed by a judge, when a person fails to appear for their scheduled court date.

Fugitive: A person who is hiding or evading law enforcement authorities because of a warrant on their name, also known as Bond Jumpers, Runners, etc.

Indemnitor: All bonds need an Indemnitor.
This is the person who will request and qualify for a bond (co-signer), (s)he will also sign the bail bond contract, pay the premiums and guarantee the defendant’s appearance in court as well as follow all bond conditions. It is the person who is financially responsible to pay for the full amount of the bond plus any expenses originated, (Those expenses may include: investigation fees, filing fees, bounty hunters fees, processing fees, etc.) which will be deducted from any collateral we have in case the defendant fails to appear for court.

Inmate: Is the person in jail or detention center waiting for a bond or serving a sentence.

Posting / Filing Fee: Is the Amount of Money charged by the jail covering the processing of the detainee’s arrest.

W.A.C.: With Approved Cosigner.

W.A.C.C.: With Approved Cosigner and Collateral.

Warrant: A document issued by any court ordering the arrest of a person.